Air coolers

A few years ago we introduced into our programme finned tube exchangers suitable for air cooling. We have used these to replace the copper radiators whose material cannot always withstand the cooling water circulated by modern processes. The radiators have stainless steel on all surfaces with water contact. On the air-contact side the surfaces are either aluminium or stainless steel. All radiators are of course dimensioned to meet the requisite process values and to fit where the previous device was installed.

In cases where the blueprint for the device to be replaced has disappeared over the years, we use our own data files or study the target site to obtain the data necessary to make the new unit. It is important to remember that stainless steel is a strong, modern, long-lasting material for this purpose. Its heat transfer properties do not lessen the cooling efficiency, because it is always possible to increase the heat surface to compensate for any small difference that arises from the differences in material.