Lappeenrannan Teollisuuspalvelu Oy was founded by Veikko Kukkurainen in 1974. The business began as an engineering office which offered thermal and strength analysis, primarily for heat exchangers. The business gradually expanded and started to supply also equipment, the manufacture of which was entirely subcontracted. In 1983 the company opened its own machine shop in Lappeenranta. From the beginning, the shop concentrated on “licensed” field welding. Today, too, all surface finishing, machining with chip removal, and coarse sheet metal work is purchased from subcontractors, who have formed a cooperative network near our plant.

Lappeenrannan Teollisuuspalvelu Oy was founded for the design and manufacture of different types of pressure equipment needed by industry, power plants, and commerce. Our main products are heat exchangers in various forms, but our selection also includes different filters and equipment needed for natural gas use.

We also design and manufacture transportable pressure vessels according to the ADR and other relevant standards.

We have always stayed up to date regarding the manufacturing of these products. Early in 2001 we had already initiated steps to meet the EC Pressure Equipment Directive.

We design and manufacture our products according to the PED requirements if needed. Strength calculations are done with the VVD program according to the EN13445 or ASME requirements. We have also Aspen HTFS+ design system software for a dimensioning of heat exchangers. We now offer also NDT inspection services.

Looking forward to working with you,

Veikko Kukkurainen